3 Reasons Trailers Are Theft Targets And How To Prevent Problems

Posted on: 27 March 2023

Without a question, owning your own trailer is a valuable thing. When you have a trailer that you can hook up behind your vehicle, you can haul everything from furniture to tree limbs. As valuable as a trailer can be as an asset, these towing platforms are also a major target for theft. Some areas have experienced as much as a 50 percent uptick in the number of trailer thefts. Check out a few reasons why trailers can be a prime target for thieves, as well as a few changes you can make to negate the theft of your trailer. 

Why Trailers Are a Target for Theft 

Trailers can fetch a lot of money on the black market. These equipment pieces hold their resale value well, even when they are not new or have cosmetic problems. Beyond this, however, there are three primary reasons why thieves often see a trailer as a good item to steal, including: 

  1. Trailers often do not contain markings that make them identifiable to the owner 
  2. Trailers can be attached to another vehicle quickly and towed away
  3. Trailers are commonly left easily accessible 

In order to adequately protect your trailer, you have to work to negate each of these attractive points in the eyes of a thief. 

How to Prevent Theft of Your Trailer 

Many people who have their trailer stolen initially do not recognize just how prized these equipment pieces are for thieves. However, once you are aware of just how likely it could be that your trailer would be targeted, you step into a position to make sure that never happens. Thankfully, securing your trailer from the risk of theft is not as difficult as it may seem. 

Invest in a duo-locking trailer lock 

Trailer locks come in many types, and these mechanisms keep people from taking your trailer off your vehicle's hitch. One of the most effective for theft prevention is the duo-locking trailer lock. These locks have dual locking mechanisms that lock the trailer onto the trailer hitch on your vehicle. The locks are difficult to bypass because they require a key for removal. 

Make sure your trailer is identifiable 

Do something to your trailer to make sure it is identifiable and easily discernible from other trailers of the same type and size. For example, some owners use a unique spray paint color to coat the underside of the wheel fenders. Also, look for a serial number on your trailer—most modern units will have a designated serial number from the manufacturer. 

Keep your trailer out of sight 

Lastly, when you are finished using your trailer, make sure you park it in an area that is not clearly visible from the road or by passersby. For example, you can deter interest in your trailer as a target by parking it behind your garage. 

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