Boosting The Performance Of Your Car With A New Exhaust System

Posted on: 24 August 2021

One of the quickest ways to boost your performance car is to upgrade the exhaust system to a high-flow performance exhaust that will allow the engine to breathe a bit. Installing a new exhaust system can add some power, make the car sound better, and they are available in many types and styles that you may want to consider. 

Standard Versus Performance Exhaust Systems

One of the biggest problems with the stock exhaust system on many performance cars is that the pipes are too small to flow gases effectively. Add to that the problem of two exhaust manifolds feeding a single exhaust pipe, restricting the system even more. 

Exhaust systems that are designed for performance often use large pipes that allow a much higher volume of exhaust gas to flow through them. Removing the exhaust gases quickly allows more air and fuel into the engine, making it more powerful and responsive. 

The exhaust system that came on the car is also often made quickly, with rough bends to save time and money during the car's production. The system works, but using a smoother mandrel bent pipe with a large diameter will significantly change the way the car sounds and performs. 

Buying A New Exhaust System

There are many places to find a performance exhaust system for your car. While buying an exhaust system online is possible, it is important to do some research and read the reviews of the systems you are considering before purchasing them. 

It is also essential to determine what comes with the system you are purchasing. The more complete the system is, the easier it will be to install on the car, in most cases. If the system is missing parts that are needed to make everything fit, you could find yourself having to call and order additional parts, so ask what is included before you place your order. 

It is also a good idea to stick with well-known manufacturers that have a proven reputation for performance parts when buying an exhaust system online. This can add to the cost, but often this is the trade-off that comes with adding performance to any car. 

Online groups and message boards that other performance enthusiasts use may also be helpful. Asking other owners what exhaust they use and how well it performs is often one of the best ways to determine the quality and performance of the systems you are considering.

For more information about exhaust systems, like Chevy Corvette exhaust systems, contact a local manufacturer.


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