Options For Covering The Windshield On Your RV For Safety And Security

Posted on: 27 January 2021

Covering the windshield on your RV or motorhome can have many benefits, but finding the right cover and installing it properly is an essential first step. Some RV windshield covers fit inside the RV, and others are put on the outside, so looking at all the options is vital.

External Windshield Covers

When you are looking at RV windshield covers, one of the most inexpensive covers that you will find is designed to go outside the glass. These covers are often used to store an RV and keep the UV rays from the sun out of the RV, where they can fade upholstery and damage dash panels. 

The covers are easy to put in place and secure once you have the RV parked for the winter and work well in this application. The best models have brackets that run inside through the doors on the RV, so they can not be removed unless you can access the inside of the RV. 

While these RV windshield covers are inexpensive and straightforward to use, they are not a great option if you are trying to keep prying eyes out of your RV. Even though the cover is secured in the RV door, it is possible for someone to pull the edge up and look inside the RV without a lot of effort. 

Internal Windshield Covers

RV windshield covers installed inside the RV offer many of the same benefits as external covers, like blocking UV rays, reducing the temperature inside the RV, and creating some privacy for you. Because these covers are installed inside the RV, they can not be removed unless you can access the inside of the RV. 

For security and privacy, RV windshield covers inside the unit stay in place unless you want to remove them to let light in or move the RV. Visit your local RV dealer and ask about the windshield cover options for your specific RV model if you are looking for a permanently mounted cover. 

The RV covers use a set of brackets to hold the covers when you need them, and depending on the model, they can fold out of the way, or you can remove the covers and stow them away until you are ready to put them back on the windshield.

These systems allow you to park in an RV park or campground with the covers in place to keep people from looking into the unit. If you happen to stop at a rest area or truck stop for a few hours, the RV windshield covers can be put in place quickly so you can sleep for a few hours or have a meal with some privacy.


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