Adding Car Air Fresheners To Your Shelves

Posted on: 18 June 2019

Having an air freshener in a car can be an excellent way of ensuring that the interior of a vehicle smells nice and fresh. As a result, these can be profitable accessories for gas stations to add to their product lineup. Like the other products your business sells, there are a few considerations that should be reviewed to maximise the profitability of these products.

Prominently Display The Car Air Fresheners

While air fresheners may be something that would benefit a person's car, they may not visit your store with the intention of purchasing an air freshener, but they may be persuaded to buy one if they see it while they are in your store. For this reason, you should have a prominent display area for the air fresheners. Ideally, this should be near the checkout register as this may be where the urge to impulse buy is the strongest.

Buy The Car Air Fresheners In Bulk

To keep costs low and to ensure that your business always has a wide assortment of air fresheners, it is important to have a plan in place for buying these items in bulk. When buying air fresheners in bulk, it can be the best option to start with a large variety collection of air fresheners. This will be the easiest and most cost-effective option for quickly providing customers with a range of scents and types of air fresheners to choose.

Have A Storage Location Ready Before The Shipment Is Scheduled To Arrive

While all of the air fresheners are likely to be individually wrapped, business owners should avoid assuming that this packaging will protect the items from water damage. For example, this clear wrapping is unlikely to protect the air freshener against the effects of intense heat or prolonged sunlight. Additionally, moisture may be able to seep through extremely small gaps in the wrapping, which could lead to major damage occurring to the unsold air fresheners.

Track The Scents That Sell The Best

Having access to data about the products and services that your customers prefer is important to knowing which scents should be ordered in larger amounts. During the first several weeks and months of your business selling car air fresheners, it is especially important to track the performance of the various scents as this will help you to gauge the initial response to these new products. In addition to tracking this information at the start of offering these products, it may also be necessary to periodically review the most recent analytical data so that you can adjust your ordering or marketing habits.

For more information on buying bulk car air fresheners, contact your local auto accessories supplier. 


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