5 Auto Accessories That'll Make Your Driving Life Awesome

Posted on: 30 June 2018

Driving a car is an experience that can be a lot of fun, and the right auto accessories will make every trip all the merrier. A good choice for your ride should be useful or add pizzazz, and it should also be relatively cost-effective. Here are 5 items that'll make your next journey a little more enjoyable.

Smartphone Mount

The fact that your phone can do seemingly everything under the sun will have you using it in a wide range of situations in your car. Safety should come first, and a dash mount will allow you to place your cell where you can see it and utilize built-in hands-free systems. A smartphone mount makes a good choice for folks whose vehicles don't have GPS or high-end entertainment systems.


Everybody has seen the ride that was covered in stickers, but there's a better way to express your individuality than reducing the resale value of your vehicle. The modern car magnet looks amazing, is highly customizable and stays in place in all conditions. You'll have a much easier time swapping each car magnet out as your tastes and the times change. Bear in mind that magnets won't stick to aluminum or plastic surfaces, so take one from your home inventory and check where it'll stick to your car beforehand. Talk to a company like ARC Marketing to learn more.

New Emblems

One way to make a fresh statement with your car is to replace the existing hood ornament and other emblems with something a little more personalized. Options range from the whimsical to the downright intimidating. Many Veloster owners, for example, have forked over some cash for replacement velociraptor emblems for their rides.

A Fresh Fob

Given the ability to program wireless features to new fobs, you might want to upgrade your keychain to something that makes more of your car's unique capabilities. You'll be able to do everything from rolling down the windows to firing up your stereo.

High-Capacity Floor Mats

Depending on where you live, a good set of floor mats can make a difference in your driving experience. If you reside where the weather makes a solid mat with deep channels appealing, it might be time to ditch the factory-installed ones and get something that delivers more capacity. For those who live in high-snow or -rain regions, it might be wise to shoot for one-gallon rubber floor mats in order to keep a car's floor dry and clean.


Learning About Auto Accessories

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