How Undercoatings Help People Who Live On Gravel Roads

Posted on: 24 July 2017

In most areas of the country, gravel roads are not a major problem for the average person. That said, those who live near or regularly drive on gravel roads may be seriously damaging delicate areas of their car, such as the ball joint. Here is what drivers need to know about this problem and how a car undercoating can help.

The Damage Gravel Can Do To A Car's Undercarriage

While most major cities have eliminated gravel roads and their damaging construction, there are still many rural areas where they are common. It is understandable that these areas wouldn't replace these roads because they are often expensive to replace. That said, gravel roads can cause serious damage to the underside of a car, including wear on mechanical items such as the ball joint.

The ball joint is one of those parts of a car people rarely think about until it fails. Unfortunately, its failure can be a serious problem if it isn't managed quickly and efficiently. Understanding these problems can help a person understand why undercoatings can be so essential for those who live on gravel roads.

When The Ball Joint Fails

The ball joint is a bearing that holds the control arms of the vehicle to the pivoting points of the suspension. When they operate properly, they keep the car traveling in a stable and reliable way. When they fail, they make it more difficult to control a vehicle. It is more likely to steer poorly and wander around the road as a person drives.

Driving on a gravel road regularly is a rough experience that can destroy a ball joint. Not only will the gravel itself wear down the ball joint but the jarring driving can cause it to pop loose. As a result, it is important to protect it with a new application of undercoating.

How Undercoating Can Help

Vehicles typically get an undercoating added at the factory before they are shipped out. This sealant is applied to various areas of the car, including the floor boards, the pans, the gas tank, and the frame. Unfortunately, it can start to wear out after a period of a few years, especially if a person lives on a gravel road. Applying a new coating, especially to the ball joint, can help protect it from wear and tear.

The nice thing about undercoating is that a person can apply it on their own to save a little bit of money on a professional application. However, it is typically a good idea to have a mechanic or car specialists do it because they will identify where it is wearing out and find a way to fix any serious problems that may be impacting the car.


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